The Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC) has a growing response to its programs like Peace school and Kampala Meditation and Yoga Group programs. Many people have the opportunity practice meditation and deepen their spiritual practice. In order to continue these programs, UBC relies on heavily on a small but committed group of volunteers. We welcome your new ideas, resources and talents.


If you are interested in volunteering at the Uganda Buddhist Centre, please fill out the application form, which can be obtained on this website under RESOURCES ) and  send it  to Ven. Bhante Buddharakkhita  at e-mail:

Please let us know the areas that you are interested in providing volunteer services and donating your energy.

1. Web Site:   Helps our webmaster maintain and update our website.

2. Administration:   Supports the President in carrying out office related tasks.

3. Writing, Editing and Proofing:  Assist in writing and editing of the articles and books.

4. Book keeping:  Assists in maintaining financial records

5. Housekeeping: Helps with cleaning and maintenance of the Temple.

6. Fund Raising:  Helps to conduct fund raising events.

7. Outreach coordinator:  Helps in our outreach program.

9. Project Coordinator :  To coordinate our projects.

10.Project  Manager  :  To manage our Project

11. English teacher :  To teach our peace school English

12. Others:  other skills that helps to run the Meditation Centre.



1. Jamisson  Wiggins  (  U.S.A) in 2007

2. Aubrey  G.               (  U.S.A) in 2007

3. Lucy Fazziono         (  U.S.A)  in 2008

4. Claude  M.               ( Rwanda) in 2008

5. Godfrey Nteeza         ( Uganda)  in 2008-2009

6. Susuna Mentosinos     ( U.S.A)    in 2010

7. Jacob  Waisha             ( Uganda)  in 2012-13

8. Hirrary Tayebwa       ( Uganda)      in 2012

9.Jon Lindernmann         ( USA )     in 2015

10. Oliver Biralo                 ( Rwanda )  in 2015




 Not yet...


Thank you for donating your energy and time.

\" Joy isn\'t dependent upon anything but your willingness to be generous, kind and loving. It\'s that mature experience of giving, sharing and developing the  science of goodness\"

-  Ajahn Sumedho